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Pendekanti Foundation

“Pendekanti Foundation” is an institution sponsored and established by the Vasavi Academy of Education, to fulfil the aim of giving encouragement and assistance to students of exceptional merit and providing assistance to the poor and needy. The objectives are To provide economic assistance to students to prosecute their studies in the areas of primary, secondary and higher education, including professional education and for preparing for all India competitive exams, by way of (i) interest free loans and (ii) scholarship grants. To provide incentives by instituting gold medals, book prizes etc., in the various fields of education. To undertake charitable activities, such as

  1. Establishment of old age homes
  2. Medical assistance
  3. Establishment of orphanages
  4. Rehabilitation of the handicapped
  5. Rehabilitation of destitute woman To undertake any other activity in furtherance of the objects of the Vasavi Academy of Education.


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